Permit Application
in Mauritius

When looking to move to Mauritius, it is important to have an understanding of the different types of Permits that Mauritius offers. This is especially crucial when planning for a long-term stay in the country to ensure that you apply for the correct permit that aligns with your needs and goals.

Types of Permits

Residence Permit

A Residence Permit is a written permit authorising a non-citizen to enter Mauritius and to remain in Mauritius. The Residence Permit is mainly for retired people, dependents of a permit holder and for those who get a Residence Permit from a minimum investment in property of USD 375,000. A Residence Permit holder is not allowed to work in Mauritius without a separate Occupation Permit. Only those non-citizens who obtain a Residence Permit by investing in real estate over USD 375,000 can work and invest in Mauritius without a separate Occupation Permit. Click here to get in touch with a relocation advisor in Mauritius regarding applying for a residence permit.

Occupation Permit

An Occupation Permit is the same as a Residence Permit, but it also allows the foreign citizen to work. As mentioned above, another way of obtaining an Occupation Permit would be through the purchase of property of over USD 375, 000. There are 3 main categories of Occupation Permit: an Investor Permit, a Professional Permit and a Self-Employed Permit. All 3 categories of Occupation Permit have their own set of rules which dictate the conditions for each Occupation Permit. Click here to get in touch with a relocation advisor in Mauritius regarding applying for an occupation permit.

Investor Permit

An Investor Permit is for those who are looking to set up their own business or company. This could be anything from an international trading company, an investment company or a local restaurant. To learn more about Investor Permit, check out this page. If you are looking to set up a business in Mauritius, we recommend taking a look at the Register Company Mauritius website. Click here to get in touch with a relocation advisor in Mauritius regarding applying for an investor permit.

Professional Permit

To be considered eligible for a Professional Permit as per the Immigration Act, the foreign citizen should be employed in Mauritius by virtue of a contract of employment and registered with the EDB. It should be noted that the holder of a Professional Permit should earn a monthly salary of at least MUR 30,000. Click here to get in touch with a relocation advisor in Mauritius regarding applying for a professional permit.

Self-Employed Permit

A holder of a Self-Employed Permit is defined as a non-citizen engaged in a professional activity under the services sector only and registered with the Registrar of Businesses under the Business Registration Act 2002. The self-employed person should operate a one-person business activity, working exclusively for their own account. Read more hereClick here to get in touch with a relocation advisor in Mauritius regarding applying for a self-employed permit.

Retirement Permit

Also known as a Retired Non-Citizen Residence Permit, the Residence Permit is applicable to those retired, foreign citizens who are 50 years or above. Mauritius is an equally favourable destination for retirees as it is for professionals and travelers. This is because Mauritius is focused on creating retirement villages and various facilities for those to enjoy senior living in Mauritius. Click here to get in touch with a relocation advisor in Mauritius regarding applying for a retirement permit.

Work Permit Mauritius

While it may sound similar, a Work Permit in Mauritius is not the same as the Occupation Permit. Residence Permits and Occupation Permits are  processed through the Passport and Immigration Office (PIO) and the Economic Development Board (EDB). On the other hand, Work Permits are granted by the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment. Work Permits are usually more popular among employers who are looking to employ foreign workers. Holders of a Work Permit also need to have a Residence Permit to be able to live and work in Mauritius.

How to apply for a Permit in Mauritius

As a foreigner, it can be daunting to apply for a permit and at the same time make arrangements to move to Mauritius. While applicants can complete the process on their own, sometimes, there can be issues that local agents would be better able to sort out. To ensure a stress-free move to Mauritius, TBI Business Advisors, our trusted partner, will advise you on your immigration options and the documentary requirements. TBI will then submit the applications, deal with the relevant Government bodies up to and including attending the appointment to collect the permit.