Buying Property
in Mauritius

Buying Property for sale & House for sale in Mauritius in 2023

The Immigration Act 2022 amended the Non-Citizen (Property Restriction) Act and brought in some key changes in relation to non-citizens buying property in Mauritius. Foreigners have always been able to buy a commercial building with permission, but now they can buy a house in Mauritius outside the PDS, Smart City, IRS and RES schemes. 


Who can buy property for sale & house for sale in Mauritius?

Foreigners with the following permits can buy a house or property in Mauritius:

  • a temporary residence permit;
  • a residence permit;
  • a permanent residence permit;
  • an occupation permit;
  • a short-term occupation permit; or
  • a family occupation permit.

How to buy a house for sale or property for sale in Mauritius?

Non-citizens can buy property or invest in property in Mauritius in various ways: Property Development Scheme (PDS), Ground Plus 2 apartments and Smart Cities. 

The PDS is an EDB-approved development scheme for foreigners to buy properties and upon acquisition of a residential property of at least USD 375,000, a Residence Permit is granted to the non-citizen. The Residence Permit obtained through this process allows the investor to then work in Mauritius without obtaining an Occupation Permit. 

Alongside the schemes for residency, Mauritius also allows foreigners to buy apartments that are at least 3 floors high, i.e., Ground plus two extra floors, also known as G+2 apartments. The property purchase price needs to be at least MUR 6 million.

Smart Cities are privately owned Government-licensed projects, whereby eco-friendly working, living and leisure spaces are created. They are the size of a village and are technologically innovative and designed such that people do not need to commute outside the borders. With an investment of above USD 375, 000, non-citizens would obtain a Residence Permit.

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Real Estate Agents in Mauritius

There are a significant quantity of real estate agents, with a large gulf in quality between the most and least reliable. To get started with buying a property for sale or house for sale in Mauritius, TBI Mauritius can help in guiding you with whatever investment you are making, whether commercial or residential property.